What You Can Expect During a Bone Graft Procedure

A bone graft creates a foundation for dental implants. In grafting, a piece of bone is removed from another part of your jaw and transplanted to your jawbone. The transplanted bone is then expected to grow enough new bone to … Continued

What Is Reconstructive Dentistry?

Some patients have lost teeth due to injuries, accidents, or disease. Others are not happy with the way their smiles looked aesthetically. No matter the reason, if you are not happy with your smile because teeth are missing, broken, or … Continued

What Are my Denture Options?

Dentures can be a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures are the low-cost option when it comes to replacing missing teeth. However, traditional dentures can be awkward as they tend to click when you eat, laugh, or … Continued

Snoring Treatment From Your Dentist

Well over 80 million people living in America snore while sleeping according to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation. What many of those individuals fail to realize is that snoring often indicates other major health complications that can … Continued

Schedule a Dental Cleaning And Examination for Kids

Schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning and examination for kids with Contemporary Dentistry PC. As a dentist who provides care for children, we know how to keep our young patients comfortable, happy to be here and in good oral … Continued

The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique for Gum Recession

Gums recede for a variety of reasons, ranging from aggressive brushing to the aging process, periodontal disease, grinding, clenching and beyond. Gum recession happens in a gradual manner, causing some patients to not even know it is occurring until they … Continued

Replace Missing Teeth with Teeth In A Day

If you are missing teeth, do not avoid addressing the problem simply because you are afraid of the time commitment. It is now possible to replace missing teeth in a single day’s time with Teeth In A Day. This is … Continued

What Happens After My Teeth Straightening Treatment?

Everyone hopes that their teeth straightening process will take very little time and be easy. While there are a variety of options, it is important to find the most efficient one. Since moving teeth can take longer than some people … Continued

Can a Sleep Dentist Help With Your Sleep?

Do you struggle to obtain a full night of restful sleep?  If so, there is a good chance meeting with a sleep dentist can help. Let a sleep dentist analyze your oral health, sleeping challenges and other factors to help … Continued

Difference Between Veneers and Laminates

Dental laminates are distinct from dental veneers in a variety of ways. Though both consist of a thin and porous porcelain, serving the purpose of straightening crooked teeth, they have important differences of note. Here is an analysis of how … Continued