Popular Options For a New Smile

If you are like most people, you look in the mirror every once in a while and wonder what life would be like with a new smile.  You might have considered cosmetic dentistry in the past yet did not move … Continued

What Does It Mean If I Have TMJ?

Those who are suffering from face pain might be saddled with TMJ.  TMJ involves the temporomandibular joints located on the sides of the head.  Such joints work with the muscles, discs, bones and ligaments during the chewing, speaking and yawning … Continued

Can Vitamin Supplements Help Teeth

Nowadays, it seems like vitamin supplements are available to allegedly improve the health of teeth and bones, muscle growth, cognitive capacity and beyond.  There is plenty of discussion as to whether these vitamin supplements actually work as touted. Below, we … Continued

Dental Implant Without Bone Graft

If you are debating whether dental implants are ideal for your mouth, you are likely wondering about bone grafts.  Bone grafts can make the procedure more complicated and costly yet they might be necessary to provide adequate support for your … Continued

Is It Necessary To Get a Dental Crown After a Root Canal

Patients often wonder if it will be necessary to add a dental crown after a root canal is performed.  The average patient is intimidated by the root canal procedure in and of itself. The need to add a dental crown … Continued

What You Need to Know About Your Six Month Dental Checkup

Six-month dental checkups are essential for your oral health. In fact, some patients find their unique oral health needs require more frequent dental checkups.  Meet with your dentist to discuss whether you should abide by a schedule of bi-annual dental … Continued

What to Do When Your Teeth Hurt

If your teeth hurt when eating, you are likely in a lot of pain and incredibly frustrated. Your teeth are sensitive to pressure and you cannot do much but wait until the dentist can perform an examination. However, switching to … Continued

Repair Dental Damage For a Brighter Smile

We have the skills and technology to fix a variety of oral health issues from damage to infection. If you have any type of oral health pain or unsightly teeth, do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. … Continued

The Ins and Outs of An Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have never been more popular.  They do an incredible job of keeping the teeth pearly white, healthy and functional. The majority of dentists are readily willing to state electric toothbrushes are just as effective if not superior to … Continued

Best and Worst Dental Habits

Everyone is a creature of habit. If your oral health habits are not healthy habits, they will eventually cause major issues.  Some people have gotten into the habit of chewing their nails, grinding their teeth, failing to floss and brushing … Continued