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Can a Sleep Dentist Help With Your Sleep?

Posted on: November 16, 2017

Sleep DentistDo you struggle to obtain a full night of restful sleep?  If so, there is a good chance meeting with a sleep dentist can help. Let a sleep dentist analyze your oral health, sleeping challenges and other factors to help you finally get that high-quality sleep you have been coveting. You deserve a night of sleep without interruption so you can feel, look and perform at your best. Here is a look at how the assistance of a sleep dentist can enhance your sleep and well-being.

How a Sleep Dentist can Help

If an individual finds him or herself dozing off, feeling tired in the afternoon or drifting into naps at inappropriate times, it is important to not assume that he or she can trudge forward without assistance. A sleep dentist can help enhance sleep, put that bounce back in the patient’s step and help the patient in his or her quest to stay healthy.

Our sleep dentist will perform an exam to determine if the poor sleep is due to snoring, sleep apnea or something else. If the patient has a sleep disorder, additional testing will be necessary to pinpoint the best approach.

Do not let Sleep Interruptions Sabotage Your Attempts to Rest

We now understand that interrupted sleep causes all sorts of health risks. Those who struggle with sleep apnea will find a visit to a sleep dentist proves quite helpful. Sleep apnea impacts the ability to sleep as well as breathing. Interrupted breathing during the night is especially troublesome and dangerous. If an individual has blocked airways when sleeping, there is a chance for gasping or choking.

A sleep dentist can provide patients with the equipment necessary to enjoy a restful night of sleep. In most instances, patients use a CPAP device or an oral appliance that one wears while sleeping. This appliance looks like a mouth guard. The appliance ensures the jaw remains in proper alignment with adequate airflow and breathing. It is beneficial to let a sleep dentist analyze the patient’s sleep apnea or another sleep issue, develop an appropriate treatment plan and help the patient enjoy the high-quality sleep cycles he or she needs to be in good shape.

Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The optimal treatment for obstructive sleep apnea hinges on several factors including the severity of the patient’s issue. A sleep doctor will analyze the physical structure of the patient’s upper airway. The patient needs to let our sleep dentist know if he or she is having trouble sleeping so we can perform an analysis. During the analysis, we can determine the degree of the patient’s sleep apnea and identify the most appropriate treatment.

Contact Us Today to Schedule an Initial Appointment

Are you interested in sleep dentistry?  Contact us today to learn more. We can improve your sleep, provide you with the oral health solution appropriate for your mouth and ultimately improve your well-being. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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