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Is It Necessary To Get a Dental Crown After a Root Canal

Posted on: March 1, 2018

Root CanalPatients often wonder if it will be necessary to add a dental crown after a root canal is performed.  The average patient is intimidated by the root canal procedure in and of itself. The need to add a dental crown makes the visit to the dentist’s office that much more intimidating.  Below, we take a look at whether a crown really is necessary following a root canal.

Dental Crowns After Root Canals: Yay or Nay?

In general, the best way to determine if a crown is necessary following a root canal is to gauge the tooth’s location in the mouth.  Dental crowns are typically required on molars, premolars and other teeth toward the rear of the mouth following a root canal. The front teeth are primarily used to tear food apart so they might not necessitate a dental crown following a root canal.

Additional Considerations for Potential Crown Placement Following a Root Canal

The dentist will weigh a number of different factors when determining if a crown will be necessary after the root canal is performed.  Considerations include the patient’s oral health history, whether he or she grinds teeth and whether teeth were broken in the past. Even the degree of the break, crack or decay that causes the need for the root canal in the first place matters.  The amount of the tooth remaining also plays a part in determining if it is prudent to add a dental crown after the root canal.

Those who grind or clench their teeth are more inclined to require the protection of a dental crown.  Those who have broken a tooth in the past will also require a dental crown following the root canal. A tooth that requires a root canal due to considerable decay or a break will also necessitate a dental crown as they have minimal structure remaining.  For the most part, if the tooth died as a result of trauma such as contact to the face and does not have any fillings, a crown will likely be necessary.

Why Dentists Generally Favor Adding a Dental Crown After a Root Canal

The average dentist is usually in favor of adding a dental crown following a root canal for reasons you might not assume.  Though the addition of this oral health solution certainly represents a source of income, financial gain is not the motive for advising the placement of a dental crown.  A dental crown following a root canal boosts the odds of the tooth surviving. The dentist’s primary purpose is to keep your teeth in optimal condition so the addition of a crown certainly makes sense in most instances after a root canal is performed. So do not assume your dentist is attempting to squeeze you or your insurance company for money by advising the placement of a dental crown after the root canal.  A dental crown really will help keep the tooth functional for years after the root canal is performed.

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