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Schedule a Dental Cleaning And Examination for Kids

Posted on: December 6, 2017

Dental Cleaning and Examination for KidsSchedule an appointment for a dental cleaning and examination for kids with Contemporary Dentistry PC. As a dentist who provides care for children, we know how to keep our young patients comfortable, happy to be here and in good oral health.

Why you need a kids dentist

While many family dentists will provide a dental cleaning and examination for kids, there is a clear difference between a general or family dentist and someone who either primarily or entirely works with children. As a dentist who has focused our practice on the care of young children, we know how important it is to create an environment that allows them to relax and feel comfortable. This is one of the main benefits of taking them to a kids dentist.

Instead of a child entering an environment that was designed for adults where they are required to be very still, quiet and conform to grown-up expectations, they are welcomed into a clinic where it is okay to laugh a little too loudly, play with a toy, have fun reading a book and generally to be a kid. This is very important for the process of helping a child relax and feel comfortable with their surroundings. As they become more comfortable, it makes it easier for them to receive dental care.

Our process is thorough

When completing a dental cleaning and examination for kids, we are careful to look for any signs of dental decay or infection. Sometimes this means noticing soft spots that are not yet full dental decay but could become it very quickly. In this case, we can use a solution of fluoride to help strengthen the teeth and sometimes reverse the course.

We provide dental restorations as well, so if a child’s tooth is infected, damaged or suffering from decay, we have the ability to provide quick and reliable treatment. This includes using tooth-colored dental restorations that blend in with the surrounding teeth. We also offer preventative care services which may include recommending the use of dental sealant. This is a clear plastic-like substance that we can brush onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth.

It only takes a couple of minutes to do so and once it has hardened, it serves as a durable protective barrier that prevents food and plaque from touching that portion of the tooth. For children, this can greatly reduce the likelihood of them developing dental decay in those areas. Since this is a non-invasive and fast procedure, children do not mind having dental sealant placed and parents appreciate how it can prevent future problems, making it a true win-win.

Schedule an appointment

We are here for our patients and do what is necessary to help children remain in good oral health. This includes examining and cleaning their teeth, restoring damaged ones and discussing dental education so that parents and children are empowered to make healthy choices at home. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call Contemporary Dentistry PC at (313) 251-1355 today.

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