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What to Do When Your Teeth Hurt

Posted on: February 19, 2018

TeethIf your teeth hurt when eating, you are likely in a lot of pain and incredibly frustrated. Your teeth are sensitive to pressure and you cannot do much but wait until the dentist can perform an examination. However, switching to soft foods while waiting for the appointment is one of the several steps that can help relieve the pain. Fortunately, there are other steps you can take to relieve pain and make the situation more bearable.

Relieve Teeth Pain

Why Teeth Hurt When Eating

In many cases, there may be a structural problem causing this pain.  Perhaps the nerve in the tooth is no longer functioning like in the past. Tooth sensitivity typically results when gums move away from the teeth or when enamel wears down.  It is also possible for a filling to crack, a tooth to break and the sensitive dentin below the enamel to be exposed.

If the cementum on the root surface is worn, the dentin and the nerves in the tooth will cause painful sensations as a patient bites and chews.  It is also possible the individual is brushing too hard, making the teeth that much more sensitive to the chewing process. Tooth sensitivity can also result from the consumption of acidic foods or grinding the teeth at night.

Treatment Options

Tooth sensitivity is quite the common problem. If the teeth hurt when eating, it might be possible to obtain relief with a number of different treatment options like desensitizing therapy performed at a dentist’s office.  The dentist can replace a broken crown and a tooth filling that has cracked. If the dentist determines the patient has pulp tissue damage, he or she may send the patient to a specialist known as an endodontist for a root canal.

This will clean out the damaged portion of the pulp, fill the open space and make it easier to eat without pain. It will also help to reduce the number of acidic foods and beverages one consumes.  Cut down on citrus, tea and coffee and the teeth will likely feel less sensitive. If grinding is the cause of the tooth sensitivity, a dentist can give the patient a guard to wear at night so the teeth do not press against one another.

If the patient applies ample pressure when brushing his or her teeth, then it is crucial to ease up and switch to a soft-bristled brush.  Do not bite down on hard foods. By giving these treatments and approaches a chance, the patient will eventually obtain relief.

Do no Shrug off Tooth Pain That Occurs When Heating

The worst thing you can do is pretend the tooth pain is not occurring.  Be honest with yourself and your dentist about this oral health problem.  There might be a serious underlying cause of your tooth pain.  Perhaps you have a dental abscess, a concealed fracture or crack, a loose filling or damage to the pulp tissue of a tooth.

If these issues are not tended to, they can spur a bacterial infection.  Such an infection has the potential to spread to other portions of your body.  Contact your dentist right away to schedule an evaluation.

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