Why Get Custom-Fit TMJ Mouth Guards?

TMJ mouth guards have proved to be successful as one of the best treatment options for TMJ disorder. A TMJ or Temporomandibular is a joint connecting your jaw and skull. The Temporomandibular joint disorder is associated with symptoms like jaw pain and headaches which might be a result of jaw injury, arthritis, or genetics. TMJ pain causes teeth grinding and clenching in those affected by the disorder.

A TMJ mouth guard is made of unique material known as rigid acrylic. It can be designed and used for three purposes including:


Stabilizing TMJ mouth guard serves as a protective barrier between the lower and upper teeth by fitting over the teeth. They prevent teeth grinding and clenching. They minimize pain by easing the over and extension of your jaw muscles.

Stabilizing mouth guards


They’re also made to pull the lower jaw forward to help with repositioning it in the right place.

repositioning of mouth guards


A TMJ mouth guard can help relax jaw and facial muscles to help alleviate or relieve discomfort associated with the TMJ disorder.

Custom TMJ Mouth Guard

Custom TMJ Mouth Guard

When making a custom fitted TMJ mouth guard or night guard, the dentist will examine all your connected systems involved with TMJ disorder and teeth grinding. That also includes a system called neuromuscular which is responsible for enabling you to chew, swallow, and speak. Every TMJ mouthguard is unique because every person’s mouth is shaped differently.

Also, people experience different levels of teeth grinding or bruxism. That is why you should visit your dentist to get a custom mouth guard that will be a precise fit in your mouth. A dentist will determine whether your custom fitted night guard will be made using soft or hard material depending on your TMJ issue.

TMJ mouth guard

Your dentist will first determine your TMJ disorder’s root cause. If it is concluded that your mouth or dental guard will help alleviate or reduce pain associated with TMJ disorder, your dentist will make your custom-fit mouth guard. The dentist will either give your a hard or soft night guard which will also reduce or alleviate pain especially when drinking cold water. You’ll also be guided on how long you should be wearing your night guard and other specific instructions. So, why should you get custom-fit TMJ mouth guards?

Prevent Teeth Damage

TMJ mouth guard or a night guard will reduce the risk of damaged or chipped teeth. This is because night guards prevent contact between the upper and lower teeth. In most cases, people with TMJ disorder don’t know they’re teeth grinding when sleeping. In the worse-case scenario, grinding can lead to loss or wear down of tooth enamel and if it happens, you can never restore it. Pre-existing fillings can also be damaged. Wearing a TMJ mouth guard or night guard will conveniently protect you from severe teeth damage.

prevent teeth damage

Reduces Jaw Pain And Tension

Jaw clenching is also one of the most common TMJ symptoms. We do it in our sleep without knowing or having any control. When a jaw joint has undergone tension, it is considered as TMJ and when it is misaligned, it is now a TMD or Temporomandibular joint disorder. When you wear a TMJ night guard, it will prevent clenching and reduce both jaw pain and tension.

reduce jaw pain and tension

Prevents Headaches

When you wake up with headaches and you have TMJ issues, you might have spent a significant amount of time clenching and grinding teeth. Besides headaches, you might also suffer from facial muscle fatigues, neck pains, earaches, and jaw aches. A night guard will help you with TMJ relief and prevent these issues and also align your teeth, underbite, and overbite to avoid jaw pain.

prevents headaches

Provides Healthy Sleep Patterns

Teeth grinding and clenching are bad habits even when sleeping. Night guards will help you eliminate discomfort and create sleep patterns that are healthy. A custom fitted TMJ mouth guard will give you complete satisfaction because will fit into your mouth perfectly to ensure your jaw is aligned into its required position that will reduce stress. You will get a good sleep as your facial and jaw muscles will be able to relax.

save your teeth

Saves Your Money

Saving your money should be the second most important thing after saving your teeth. A TMJ night guard will enable you to save money at the earliest signs of teeth clenching and grinding. The damage caused by these bad habits can be very costly especially if it is experienced over an extended period. Visit a gum disease dentist as soon as you notice you’ve picked up the habit of teeth grinding and clenching.

effects of salt on teeth

Effects Of Salt On Teeth

It is common for people to clean their mouths or brush their teeth using salt and most of them have never taken their time to learn whether it’s a good idea. Salt contains sodium which might negatively affect your oral environment. Some of the negative ways in which sodium in your salt can affect oral health include:

Dries Out Mucous Membrane Or Environment

Mucous membranes have a crucial role in your mouth which is to lubricate gingiva and soft tissues. The reason for this is to keep your oral environment healthy. Even if you drink a lot of water and neutralize excess salt, you might acquire hypertension which will still have negative effects on your teeth. You should also ensure your diet is not high in sodium.

Gum Recession

Eating too much salt can lead to a gum recession or pulling back your gums. Your teeth cementum is revealed and they become vulnerable. Resisting tooth decay might be impossible. A night guard will help you avoid gum recession problems.


It also means that your mouth has acquired chronic dryness. Xerostomia can lead to halitosis, tongue problems, and gum disease.

Frequent Bleeding Of The Mouth

Because of a dry oral environment, your mouth can start bleeding frequently especially when brushing teeth or eating food. Frailer mouth gums will frequently induce extra capillary action.

best mouth guard

Don’t look for a night guard online, even if it has enticing product details, instead, visit a dentist at Contemporary Dentistry to get a custom mouth guard. A superior fit is the best mouth guard you’ll get to fix your TMJ problems. Consistent wearing of your night guard is the most appropriate way to treat your TMJ even though it might take a few nights or days to get used to wearing them. Take good care of your own teeth and they will do the same in your old age by enabling you to break down delicious and nutritious food to get more energy and live longer.

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